New music for Autumn 2019

After five weeks off for summer, we're back with weekly rehearsals, new songs and getting ready for a Christmas concert. Writing a few days after our first rehearsal since the summer break, this post introduces the latest music of BathTub Orchestra.

Dusting off that instrument

Five weeks feels like such a long time so I was really looking forward to picking up my bass guitar and rehearsing with everybody again (I confess I spent far more time relaxing on holiday than playing during the break).

While most of us were enjoying our summer holidays, our musical director Edward had been hard at work arranging our latest new pieces...

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

On her majesty's secret service poster

We already have Mission Impossible in our repertiore, so it's exciting to add another classic theme tune. Composed by John Barry, this is the only Bond theme which is completely instrumental and I think it sounded pretty good during our first run through.

We Have All The Time In The World

Louis Armstrong

This ballad was featured in the film. It was one of the last things that Louis Armstrong recorded before he died. Again, it was sounding nice for a first run through and I'm sure we're all looking forward to getting to know this one just as much as the main theme.

More new music

These are just the latest additions to the BathTub songbook. Shortly before our summer break we also added two more pieces which we'll be working on in the coming weeks.

Our Mutual Friend

This is a lovely orchestral piece by The Divine Comedy, who are best known for their single The National Express, and the theme to Father Ted (plus the fictional Eurovision entry in that show - My Lovely Horse).

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

This 80s hit by Tears for Fears shows that BathTub Orchestra isn't afraid to play a bit of classic New Wave too.

And the Christmas songs...

Yes, September means we're already getting ready for Christmas! We already have one song rehearsed from last year (I'll keep the title a secret) but Edward has promised us a few more before our Christmas concert which will be at the Salvation Army in Bath on 4th December 2019...

We're always recruiting

If you'd like to join us and play these pieces too then please do get in touch, either fill in our contact form at or email